Brand strategy

Brand Definition & Positioning

This is all about the perceptions you'd like your target audience to associate with your brand. And since perceptions tend to be highly sensorial and intuitive, more brand owners find it essential to involve their design agency at this stage of the brand building process.

Our extensive track record devising brand strategies with global and local brands alike is a great advantage that we bring to any branding challenge. We have the tools and the resources to help you define that Big Idea that will make your brand stand out and your sales take off.

Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture is to branding what grammar is to language. Without it, nothing makes much sense. The role of Brand Architecture is to organise the way brands relate to and support one another. A disciplined architecture facilitates navigation and maximises shareholder value.

We have experience developing and improving brand architecture systems with global brands such as Nestlé’s Maggi and Winiary.

Relevant projects