Studentska Summer Edition

Studentska is very famous Czech chocolate. We were there to help it shine in this new limited edition. Our mandate was to create a premium limited edition for the summer without distorting the essence of the brand.

As our client wanted to keep the main visual elements of their standard line packaging (blue colour, golden logotype, etc.), it was substantial that we focused on photography to create a more distinctive and tastefully way.

To achieve that we paid an extra attention to food styling and photo shooting. Following the principles of serving desserts at exclusive gourmet restaurants, we constituted photographs with a dynamic but complex composition, and realistic yet colourful feeling. 

The design has been adapted in two delicious flavours with black or white chocolate; in each case putting our efforts on bringing maximum food-appeal. Yum!

  • Client : Nestlé Cesko

  • Service: Packaging Design / Photography
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  • Studentska Summer Edition
  • Studentska Summer Edition